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My oldest granddaughter and her favourite fireworks, the sparker. Theyhave always been a big hitwith our kids and now the grandkids along with mashmellowsand bonfires. Pretty basic. I just set the e-10 on a tripod with a remote and shot. Now, I see the links for night shooting.Suggestions welcome.
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Isn't it interesting how things change. As a kid, I loved those things. Now, I don't like to get near them. This is a great shot. This is a case (pure speculation, here) where a flash might help. The picture show the sparklers very well but you can't see the children. If you have a way to manually fire the flash while holding the shutter open, you should be able to see both the kids and the sparklers. I don't know if it is possible to automatically fire the flash with the shutter set to "B" (bulb or manual). If so, the flash would fire at the beginning of the shot. Rear curtain sync would fire the flash at the end of the shot. Either case should work here IF the flash works in bulb. Check your camera manual.

Cal Rasmussen

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Thanks Cal. Well, we will just have to get the grandkids and more sparklers and give the flash a try.
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Here's a low-tech suggestion for you too: I haven't tried this with sparklers, but I took a night shot of my house once. (I wanted a picture of the house, with the yard lights lit up) No way my camera flash was going to light the whole house, so I used a flashlight and sort of painted the light on the house. Something like that might work for illuminating your subject if you can't fire the flash. Just hit the kid with a flashlight for a second or two. That would also leave the background dark and non-distracting while illuminating your subject.
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