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This was suggested by Squirl033 but I have broadened the topic a bit. Squirrel asked for a challenge relating to boating activities which I assume means small pleasure boats. I am expanding the topic to include any type of water vessel that moves under motor or sail power.

What we are looking for here is not pictures of pretty boats, but pictures of boating activities. This could include (but is not limited to) fishing, water skiing, launching or recovering a boat, loading or unloading supplies from a boat. On a little larger scale, it could be a commercial fishing boat unloading it's catch of the day. It could be a tugboat pushing or towing a ship or barges. It could be a grain ship loading at a grain terminal, or a container ship loading or unloading containers. If you live near a dock where cars and vehicles are unloaded from "wierd" looking ships, the steady stream of cars driving down the ramp is not seen too often. Ferry boats, small or large make interesting subjects.

Going to the other end of the scale, radio-controlled model boats make good subjects, especially if you get the owner and his/her transmitter in the picture.

In other words, we want to see activities pertaining to boats, large or small, not just pretty pictures of boats. Obviously, these activities will often include people doing things. The crew of a sailboat handling the lines and sails is an excellent example. A ship or boat being repaired in a boat or shipyard is another example.

Not everyone lives close to the ocean or a shipyard. However, boating or nautical activities abound just about everywhere. Keep your eyes open. This is a broad, wide-open challenge so use your imagination.

As usual, please put Nautical in your subject line for any pictures you post. Now, "good sailing!"

Cal Rasmussen

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