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Back in early spring I saw a post by Tom that he called "Tools of the Trade". It was a photo of a keyboard with a pair of reading glasses, sheet music and a conductors baton. I liked the photo but also the title that went so well with it.

This is the inspiration of the new challenge. There are many different trades and many different tools for each trade: pots-pans-stove top for a chef, skill saw-drill bits-knee pads for a carpenter, high heels-fish net stockings-makeup for a street walker. You get the point.

I'm more interested in seeing the tools themselves creatively photographed then the person using the tools. The tools are the main focus however if you have the persons hand using a hammer, then that's acceptable. Just make sure the focus is on the tool and not the person, even if the person is a tool :lol:. Thought I'd throw that in for the few smart alecs in the group ....... you know who you are!!

I expect to see LOTS of photos for this challenge!! Spread the word to the members that don't normally post here. The challenges are a great opportunity to test each others creativity so snap away!!


Just a side thought here........maybe the "tools" should be named just in case we don't all recognize them???
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I thought I'd better get a response in here... Thanks, Rose. :-)

This is a fairly recent shot. Quality is marginal... a Wal-Mart scan of expired film - not a good combination.

Still, if you like grain. :-)

This is a much used, often abused drum kit that brings joy to teenage boys at my school.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

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Well, this is a great photo and perfect for the challenge HOWEVER....... you should have posted it as a new topic!! :blah:I'll let it go, but only because I have no idea how to move it so it can be seen seperately. Ya I know, once you turn 50 ........

Love this shot .... very creative and nice perspective. You took the shot from the view of the dummer. I don't see what you are complaining about as far as quality is concerned. Looks good to me!!

Thanks for posting,

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Don't feel bad, Rose. I tried to figure out a way to do it and I failed (60!)!

Nice shot of the cymbals.

Cal Rasmussen

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