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Don't know if this counts. In some ways yes, other ways no. I'll see what the mods say.

It's a grave shapped like an anchor I found in a village cemetery.

A bit closer.
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Certainly an oddity and in a stretch architectural.

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I have seen (and photographed) some odd grave markers but this is the oddest one I have seen.

I have never thought of grave markers as architecture but I don't know why not. Many sculptures are very definitely architectural and isn't a grave marker a sculpture?

My Webster's American Dictionary defines architecture as follows:
1. The profession of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments.
2. The character or style of building
3. The action or process of building; construction
4. The result or product or architectural work
5. Buildings, collectively
6. The structure of something.

Grave markers fit definitions 1, 3, 4, and 6. They are not buildings but are definitely artificial constructions, probably engineered on paper before the first strike of the hammer and chisel to the stone.

Ferny, this appears to be an older photo. Can you provide some history?


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So, I just about scrapped in then? :-)
Wasn't sure if it'd count or not.

Nope, it's not an old photo. It was taken in December. It is film though. I stayed in a B&B in a village not far from me for a night and found this at the local church. It was shot on cheap colour film (I have lots and lots of it) and then scanned in and edited in Photoshop.

A few meters away from this was another odd stone. It was made out of concrete I assume. It was designed to look like two logs forming a cross. It had fallen over and was on the ground. I decided not to take a photo of it for some reason. I ride past that church on a regular basis so can take a shot any time I want.
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