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When I read this weeks challenge I decided to forget about it. Nothing feels like home in my current appartment. I got used to many things but everything that was like me and personal and supporting suddenly looked bad and cheap and ugly when I moved into this newly build concrete flat.
But then I walked through the park where, according to my mother, I learned to walk and where I have been to every day for many many years. Melancholy got me and I took some photos. Is home also when it hurts? The flow of time, age, my old parents and leaving childhood and youth forever.
Somebody somewhere else said about this photo that it is a bit too obvious. Agreed, but is it also emotionally obvious? Can you somehow see it as somebodies struggle with "home"?

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I am not sure if the challenge had this in mind or if it was more house/flat etc. oriented.

I can understand what you mean and yes - "home" is more for me than a room or a house. I still have these feelings when I come back to the places where I played and lived as a child.
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You brought a tear to my heart...............

This is a beautiful and moving photo because of what it stirs in you. This would qualify for the challenge if this is the view out of your window.

As far as the question "Is home also when it hurts?", I would have to say yes. A home is filled not only with good times but with sadness and badtimes. A photo of a lost relative, the chair in which you sat with a child that is now grown and gone, or the doorway you stood in when you waved goodbye..........these are all sad memories but still things that have happened at home. Although you have moved into a new space, it will be your home and what you make it. If the past is too sad then start overin thenew home and new memories. Even something as simple as the first potted plant. you bring "home" can help make it feel like home. New spaces are the hardest to make feel "like home", but if you take a deep breath and look around with fresh eyes, it will happen.

The flow of time, age, elderly parents that you speak of are all part of the process and although we physically leave childhood and youth forever, it's up to you if you leave it mentaly. You don't have to .................. I know I haven't and don't intend to either!!:-) I have no desire to return to my youth however, I'm 48 years old, my parents are very elderly (althought you wouldn't know it), my children have grown and left the nest for lives of their own. In a way it's our turn to start a new phase, a new begining. And that's not a bad thing.

Yes the photo is emotionally obvious but with the winter comes the promise of spring and new life.

I'm glad you posted this photo, whether or not it fits and when it's my turn again the challange will definately be "home away from home" and then this photo will fit.

(Hope that wasn't all too deep for the rest of you .................. I get that way sometime)

Beautiful shot by the way ..................... very beautiful.

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When I first looked at this picture and the narrative with it, I wasn't sure if it met the challenge. I thought of the pub picture and I think the consensus on that one was that it didn't fit since it was not taken in a home. In my opinion, this photo fits in the same category.

However, it is Rose's challenge and she has cast her vote. Who am I to disagree with a woman? :lol::lol:

If I didn't know anything about the setting, the composition is not particularly appealing to me. A grove of trees partially flooded. The photo by itself does not tell a story. I do not get any message from the photo. It requires a story to be complete.


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Obviously you've posed a challenge to us. I am very struck by the persuasivenes of the flood of memories etc. that the scene emotes. Like Cal I too struggled to see some attachment to your home as evidenced by the photo.

Without the story, it does not appear to have any relationship to our traditional view of home. Rose appears to be quite willing to accept the bond between the photo and the story as exemplifying "home sweet home".

Go in peace, Rose has spoken.


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let me clarify .................. i said i accept it IF it is a veiw from the apartment window!!

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