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If you're over 60 you may have seen a Salvation Army band on a street corner in your town. As an evangelical movement they took their message out to the masses, playing hymns and warning folks of the danger of playing with the devil.

I spotted this old "retired" Salvation Army drum in a corner of their "corps" building in Coffeyville, Kansas. Obviously, the drummer was quite zealous.

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I am reminded of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band" as I viewed your photo.

Meets the challenge obviously. Pity you didn't capture an army member doing their thing on the drum...

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I have mixed emotions about this one. It definitely meets the challenge. A long time ago while I was in the Navy, I attended a Salvation Army prayer meeting held on base at Treasure Island, San Francisco. I don't remember much about it but I wasn't very impressed.

Nowadays, at Christmas time, I cringe when I hear the bell ringers. I just want to go up to one of them, put $20 in the pot, grab the bell and throw it up on the roof! To heck with the $20, I'd just like to grab the bell! Now I am going to get slammed for this.


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