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Hello folks,

I don't know about you but I have definately had enough of winter!! I desperately need to see signs of spring to put a smile on my face :-)

The challenge is very simply to show me signs of spring. If in your part of the world spring came a few months ago OR if you only have one season, then show me your interpretation of spring. Those of us will 4 seasons are not allowed to cheat! I want to see the first flowers, baby animals, buds, pussy-willows and the maple syrup dripping into the can!

You know what to do! The only rule, other than that it portray spring, is that it must show what spring is all about to those unfortunate souls who suffer with warm weather all year round, like ... oh....perhaps Selvin :blah:

Oh, one more rule ............... as you know, I now suffer from Chronic Dial-up Syndrome so PLEASE only post ONE photo at a time. Cal had a great shot last week of a couple of modle -t's and it took 15 minutes to download. I'm not a patient person so anything more than 5 minutes will be judged by Selvin and Cal.

So get out there, enjoy the weather and start clicking!!!

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I don't know how this 'Challenge' from March 2006got to the top of my 'recent' list just now, but before I'd spotted the date, I realised it raisedtwo issues that concern me..........

mommy_culleton wrote:
...Chronic Dial-up Syndrome...took 15 minutes to download.
I'm sorry to hear that. I remember it well from only just over a year ago, and the cure was expensive.

When I returned to the 'Challenge' recently, I noticed immediately that image sizes, hence file sizes, had grown.Almost everyone was posting images 600 pixels high, nicely suitable for 1024x768, but demanding 'f11full screen' in IE for proper viewing in 800x600 displays. So I followed suit, with consequent increase in file size.

However, I note that the global forum guidelines back at the top still ask for, but seldom get, smaller images. When esteemed persons such as yourself are inconvenienced, I think we need more guidance, and for your challenge I'd be happy ifyou specified some explicit rules on dimensions and file size.

We could also do with some hints & tips on resizing & sharpening. Now and again a moderately-sized, visually pin-sharp image is posted (there's a sharp seagull knocking around here somewhere), but most of us don't seem to be able to do that. I'm sure most of us are starting with sharp full-size images from the camera. I have frequently consulted the 'Resizing & Interpolation' forum, but I'm still none the wiser.

Thanks for any advice forthcoming.

Alan T

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Alan, I find it interesting that you zeroed in on mommy_culleton's post from nearly a year ago.

For as long as I have been a moderator in this forum (about three years) the acceptable size limit has been 700-800 pixels for the long dimension. This has worked out great and there have been no complaints that I'm aware of. Yes, the posting guideline posted in the General Forum states 640x480. However, in a forum such as this where critiquing is an important part of the activities, 640x480 is generally not large enough. Too much detail is lost in the small images.

My pet peeve, which I've never mentioned, is that when images are wider than 800 pixels, I have to scroll the screen sideways to see the entire image. I use 1024x768 as my screen size. I used to use 1280x1024 but my eyes can't handle that any more. I think the majority of computer users today use 1024x768 and most of those people using 800x600 should be able to switch to 1024x768. Another problem with wide images is that the forum software makes all postings in a thread as wide as the widest image. That means constantly having to scroll left/right to see/read everything.

My technique for reducing an image to 800 pixels or less is to use the resize option in Paint Shop Pro X using Weighted Average Resampling and lock Aspect Ratio. Since I have probably already done my post-processing on the image which includes Unsharp Mask as the final step, I don't want to use that tool again. Too much unsharp mask causes haloing around dark colored borders or objects. However, since the resizing does reduce the sharpness, I usually do a simple Sharpen on the image. Following this process results in reasonably sharp resized images.

There is another forum called Critiques and Techniques which is a good place to learn how to use some of the more advanced tools. Also, the Xtreme Makeover forum is a good place to get help.

I hope this answers your questions. You might also take a look at the recommended reading topic anchored at the top of this forum. I started it but a lot of other people have contributed some really good suggestions on reference material.

Good luck. Feel free to PM me with questions or ask them here in the forum if you think others would benefit from the answer.


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