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Spring Had Sprung: New life into the pricker bush...

This is probably my least favorite plant that is in the yard. Personally, I would have cut it all down by now, but I feel guilty because alot of little birds use this bush for nesting and also they love to eat the little berries that grow on the bushing during the summer..
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Do you know the correct name of this bush? It looks like a rose but roses don't have berries. The only other bush that I am familiar with with nasty thorns is the Blackberry bushes that are so prevalent in this part of the country.

Fill flash might have helped this photo a bit. The backlighting causes the foreground detail to be somewhat lost. Depth of field could be improved a bit (not that bad to begin with!) by stopping down the lens 1-2 f-stops.


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Old Mar 29, 2006, 1:59 AM   #3
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I agree with Cal the image appears to meet the challenge and would benefit from a tad more light since the bud is diificult to discern properly.

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It fits the challenge for sure, and although i don't want you to alter the bud/leaf/stem in anyway you COULD play with the colour of the background.

I made a needlepoint picture years ago that looked similar to this but , of course, it was a rose bud on a stem. The entire background was black. Boring as heck to make but the finished product was stunning. Play around with some ideas but it still is a lovely shot just the way it is!

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Well, I am totaly new to the area and to the states, so I am clueless as to what this bush is. I know it must be something 'wild' because I have walked around in a few parks area the area here and have ran into this same bush. I'll have to ask someone at the Great Swamp Reserv and see if they can id it for me and the rest of us

Thnx for the advice and I will mess around some more with this shot over the weekend. I'm sure as the week has past, the little bud on it has opened slightly more :-)
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Ouch...whatever it is, looks like it could hurt! I do agree that the bud could use a tad bit more light. A reflector comes in really handy for situations like that. Nice isolation of the branch though!

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