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Normally, the plumeria blooms start bursting about this time of the year. The featured photo was actually taken last year at almost this time.

However, so far Hawaii has had41 days continuously with rainfall. For some communities here it's been the proverbial Biblical flood with an average of several inches per day for extended periods. Vietnam veterans have commented that Vietnam during the monsoon season is the only place that is comparable.

It is still raining every day and the sun peeked out for up to two hours yesterday in some places and I think some people broke out the champaigne.

So in honor of last year's spring:

Incidentally they are called 'graveyard flowers' because plumeria trees abound in graveyards due to their ability to go long periods with no care they arefrequently planted in graveyards. They are amongst the most fragrant of flowers.

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Selvin, those are quite lovely! Is the center always that beautiful lemon yellow? i see they are on a woody stem, is it a tree or bush type plant?

Hoping for some dryer days in your future.
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Very pretty and nice grouping

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I think this is a beautiful photograph.

For those not familiar with Plumeria, it is a tree. Apparently there are several varieties with different colored blossoms. On my two trips to Hawaii in recent years, I only saw the white ones but I have seen pictures of other colors. Selvin can provide more details.


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Old Apr 2, 2006, 4:10 AM   #5
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Yes, there are many other colors. This white with a yellow centre is among the most common. Hybrids have literally mutiplied the number plumeria colors exponentially.

Here are a few more colors as seen in Hawaii (not comprehensive by any means):

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Spectacular!! Now I know why it wouldn't download at home! It took forever and it didn't get anywhere so I'm at the library. Sure glad I came!! These are amazing shots Selvin.

Could you take a shot of the entire tree and post it? You say it is a flower but Cal said it's a tree. Let's have a look!

Oh, and do you think it would grow here in Ontario???

Great shot,

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WOW Selvin...those shots are beautiful! The flowers are soooo gorgeous! The colors are amazing also! Nice job!!

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Very nice set, selvin. Those flowers have lovely colors and you did a great job photographing them. Aren't these flowers the onesused on the flower necklaces that are very popular in Hawaii?
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