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Another sign of Spring . . .
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I found thisan interesting entry. Clearly it meets the challenge since spring blooms personify spring.

I would humbly suggest cloning out the stem with blue sky. I found it a tad distracting in this wonderful blend of colors.

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I have to disagree with Selvin on this one. Cloning out the stem would leave the flower floating in the sky. Personally, I've never seen any floating flowers except in water!

The shot is a bit overexposed. This is causing the yellow in the flower to appear faded. Spot metering on the yellow of the flower would help that.

I do agree that the stem is a problem but I'm not sure what to do about it. Perhaps some tall grass or other flowers in the picture might help but I'm just not sure.

I think you had a great idea with this shot but, I'm sorry to say, I don't know how to fix it. Low angle shots (dog's eye view) can be very spectacular. We had a challenge awhile back focusing on alternate points of view. I welcome others to make suggestion on this shot. You might also post this in the "Critiques and Techniques" forum. Someone there is sure to have some suggestions.

Thanks for participating and do come back.


(edit) I was just looking at this photo again and I am wondering if using some kind of reflecting surface (white posterboard or similar) to put some light on the stem might help. Instead of being a silhouette, it would then have some color and contribute to the image. Just a thought....
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I think it's a very cool shot . I agree with Cal about the stem, it would look funny w/o. Cal also mentioned the fact that the photo appears a bit overexposed so I took the liberty to darken it a bit.
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