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Hello again

I remember taken a pic of the farmer driving his tractor so here it is.

and the farmer was Smiling now there's a thing ha ha ha.

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I like to see pictures of farm machinery at work. As far as that goes, I like to see farm machinery at work.

This shot is colorful, sharp, bright, and it makes me wonder what the tractor is doing. The head-on shot makes it look like it is heading straight into the garden. I would like to see a more side or angled shot to help show what the tractor is doing.

I am also curious as to that spiked device attached to the front end loader. What is that?


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It's a Unicorn tractor Cal!! Proof positive that they do exist!
Either that or a device to pick up the large round bales of hay to move them where you want them.
edit: the smaller spike to the side is to prevent them from spinning.
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Old May 1, 2006, 6:02 AM   #4
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Yep that's what we use to pick up the big round bales to drop them into the feeders during the winter months. Also of course when we are haying in the summer.
Nice shot of the tractor
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He looks like one happy farmer! I've never driven a tractor before but he makes me feel like I'd like to hop in and give it a try!! Just stay outta my way...heheh...

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