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Another type of farm that is prevalent in northwest Oregon is the Christmas tree farm. These farms raise Christmas trees for sale at Christmas time. Most of these farms are commercial wholsale operations. These trees are shipped all over the country. Many of the larger farms have an interesting way of harvesting and transporting the trees. The trees are cut with a chain saw, put into a machine that ties the trees in a tight bundle. These trees are then bundled into a large bunch and lifted out of the grove with helicopters. The helicopters haul the trees to waiting trucks.

Many the Christmas tree farms also feature U-Cut where you walk through the grove and pick the tree you want. You then cut it yourself with a hand saw and haul it out to your car.

The tree farm in this photo is a relatively small one. It is one of about a dozen I saw during a three hour drive Saturday morning.

Nikon D100, Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 lens


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Now this looks like it could have been taken in my corner of the world. Every once in awhile I've come across Christmas tree farms here. As with Selvin's orchids, it must take a long time before these trees are ready for market. Takes some planning to get trees for harvest every year....

The curves and linesin this image are attractive...to me, they help to keep my eyes exploring the image....

Good capture!

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