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Many of us while driving on the highway have noticed that the parallel lines of the road seem to meet in the distance. This is contrary to what our brain tells us that parallel lines do not converge.

The "Vanishing Point" effect has been studied for millenia and some have indicated that the ancient Egyptians used it to their advantage in laying out the pyramids. Artists consistently use this concept when rendering landscapes. Their objective was to lay out a 3-dimensional world on a 2-dimensional medium.

Our challenge is to submit photos of "Vanishing points." Railroad tracks area favorite, roads as I mentioned above, very tall or very long buildings, use your powers of observation.

To start us off here are a few examples.

and here's a shot with two vanishing points, the railroad tracks and the lines of the building.

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I think some people are having trouble grasping the concept of this challenge so here are a couple of examples of what we are looking for. In both photos, yellow lines are drawn in to show the converging lines and how they lead to an imaginary point in the picture or outside of the picture.

In the first photo, you can see that the lines converge on a point near the top center of the picture. The don't meet in exactly the same spot because the the natural lines in the photo are not exactly parallel to each other.

In the second photo, the lines converge at an imaginary point outside the photo to the left.

So, you are looking for scenes with straight lines or rows of objects that appear to converge or meet each other in the distance or at a point somewhere in the photo. The convergence point doesn't have to be in the center. It can be anywhere in the photo or outside the photo. The idea is that the lines in the photo should point to the convergance point.

Hope this helps and Selvin, please forgive me. I didn't ask permission to do this!


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