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I'll try with two pictures, although the first one is more interesting as the entrance of the tunnel is shown:

Now when I see these pictures, I think I should have tried some uncentered shots to play with perspective, some contrast improvement could also be done.
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I agree with you that the first image has more interest but I do enjoy the 2nd one also. Looks like you had tough lighting conditions there but you managed to get a very nice exposure. I do believe you've captured a vanishing point here. Awesome images, for sure! :-)

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I actually prefer the second shot over the first. And yes the vanishing point is quite dramatic. The only thing I would have asked Santa for is a tad more light near the end of the tunnel since I think that would have made the effect even more dramatic.

Aloha and thanks for sharing.

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I like both shots. It is too bad you couldn't get the exposure of both and combine the two. However, most exposure meters and camera sensors don't have that much latitude. There is a technique that has been employed by many professionals and amateurs that works both in the darkroom and on the computer. Mount the camera on a sturdy tripod and take two shots of the same scene. In the first shot, meter on the foreground. In the second shot, meter on the interior of the tunnel. Then, in PS or PSP, replace the tunnel interior of the first shot with the interior recorded in the second shot. It is a tricky operation to get things lined up properly but the results are dramatic.

Yes, this is photomanipulation, but as I said, it is a technique that was first used in the darkroom by film photographers. I don't consider this technique to be manipulation in an art sense but rather a tool to overcome a shortcoming of the camera.

The second shot shows the vanishing point much better than the first.


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They are both good shots and both fit the challenge. The first one has interesting details but I find it a bit washed out, so I took the liberty to add some contrast to it to bring up some of the details, specially on the stones around the entrance of the tunnel (hope you don't mind).
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