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Caught this a couple of weeks ago in Springfield, Illinois. Owner said he was offered $39,000 for it and he replied, "Come back when you want to talk serious money".

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Another great shot but I'm not sure it meets the challenge. The lines on the right side of the car seem to converge on a point just outside the frame to the right.

$39K turned down must mean that the owner has either put a lot of work into restoring that car or he has put something reallly powerful under the hood!


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The lines on the right side of the car do construct a marginal vanishing point which converges outside of the right side of the photo. However, some of yourother entries especially the DFW and railroad shots are superb examples. This entry stretches the "point" quite a bit.

Look forward to more of your superb examples like those cited above. by the way nice shot of the car.


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I can see the line at the bottom of the car and the line from the shadow of the car on the ground. IMO, these are the only two lines that could potentially converge to a single (imaginary) point.
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