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Kewl thread, so can I throw my 2 cents in?
Typically when we look at vanishing points, we are maybe seeing a mile, two in total distance. When we look at the sun, as in this wonderful photo, we maybe looking at hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles in the distance (millions if we looked right at the sun, but we aren't, we see only the parts in our atmosphere). We have a tendency to think of the rays spreading out, but I suspect in reality, they are about a sparallel as they come. I wonder if the shape of oour atmosphere plays into it also (round, sorry flat earth society).
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Walter, that is one awesome photo!

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Tulio, in your example, even if you are at exactly 90 degrees, there is still a vanishing point. It is not so obvious in this case. However, if you extend the lines, they will converge. It is impossible for them not to converge. The near end of the lines appear farther apart because the eye/camera has to look at a wider angle to see them. The far ends look closer together because the eye/camera requires a narrower angle to see them. Thus the apparent convergence.

I think the confusion here lies in whether the lines should actually extend out to the apparent vanishing point or if the implied extension of the lines is sufficient to define a vanishing point. I say the latter. As long as the lines are converging toward a point either in the photo or outside the photo, a vanishing point is implied. I have discussed this with Selvin and he agrees. If you try to impose your interpretation, you are trying to change the challenge.

Since this seems to be a controversial topic, I say let's accept either interpretation and get on with the photos. I think the discussion needs to end here.

Walter, sorry for stealing your thread.


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Fofa raises an interesting point. Does a ray from the sun actually widen the further it travels? Or, is it more like a beam that is basically parallel (but not parallel to where we may be standing)?

Oh, well. I've succeeded in stimulating our grey matter. Thanks to those of you who offered complements to the photo. One of my favorites.

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We seem to be focused on the convergence of the lines in the sky (which of course are nearly parallel for 90 million miles and appear to converge at our horizon).

But the rays in the sky and their reflection in the lake represent two planes that are also roughly parallel and appear to converge.

Great shot indeed.
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