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This has been quite a challenging challenge, especially for Cal and Selvin. It seemed the concept of "vanishing point" got more complicated with each photo posted. Thank you both for taking the time to consider each photo and for especially taking the time to share your explanations and experience.

I decided to give it another try after seeing many of the other photos posted. I wonder Cal, after all the other photos posted if you would still consider my first photo posted still not meeting the challenge. No big deal, just a thought.

This area is known as The Knob and is a popular place to take a beautiful hike along the waters edge to some land jutting out into the ocean. There have been some very beautiful weddings held at this spot. This is taken from the bottom of the Knob looking back to land.

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Vsch1, I guess I owe you an apology. When this challenge started, I think Selvin and I were looking for slightly different things. I had been thinking of doing a "Converging Lines" challenge for a couple months when Selvin advised me he was doing this "Vanishing Point" challenge. I immediately thought they were both the same thing but there are some subtle differences. These differences caused me to critique photos based on my interpretation of the challenge while Selvin was using his interpretation.

Selvin and I discussed this a couple times via PM and I thought we were together on it but it was still obvious that there were two different interpretations of the challenge. We then decided we would accept either interpretation.

Your first posting does indeed meet Selvin's interpretation of the challenge as does this one. Neither meets my original interpretation.

Having said that, this is a very nice photo and it definitely has a vanishing point in the road though somewhat subtle. The colors, sharpness, and exposure are excellent. The only thing that bothers me is that shadow in the lower right corner. I don't know what caused it but I think I would crop it out.

It is interesting to note that shadows will play an inportant part in the next challenge. That's all I'll say about that at this time!


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First Mahalo (Thank you) for your generous comments. Yes, this challenge has been challenging. I have simply lost track of the number of submissions. Some individuals have posted possibly as many as two submissions per day on the average. That's approximately 30 submissions.

As Cal noted your submission does meet the challenege specifications. The road does lead to a vanishing point as subtle as it might be.

The knob seems to be unprotected from inclement weather. Yet, you mention wedding ceremonies are held there. In the event of a sudden rainstorm it's got to be a task rushing to shelter. Maybe there are no sudden showers in this neck of the woods.

These intrusions into the water have always provided a great opprtunity for photographers and you have risen to that challenge also.

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Thank you both for your compliments..the shadow is one of my shadows..LOL, one of my children.

I bet you are both ready for another challenge at this point. LOL. Cal, no need for an apology, I always learn a great deal from your posts.

Selvin...this is a very isolated spot with a walk of 20 minutes or more to shelter. But on a lovely day, it is certainly worth the walk. The knob takes a huge beating in winter storms and a decent hurricane could probably end it's existance. Here is another picture looking at the knob from another vantage point. The original picture was taken looking away. Sorry about the size of the photo. You can see why it is such a popular place for a wedding.

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