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The topics of "Shadows" and "Reflections" have been done before and both were very successful challenges. This time we're going to do something different. This time we want to see combinations of these elements.

Three categories will be accepted for this challenge:

1. Light and Shadows--Show us photos where light forms unusual patterns on the ground or on walls. The light in the patterns should be the main focus with the shadows being incidental to the effect.

2. Shadows and Reflections--Show us photos containing both shadows and reflections, preferably reflections containing shadows. The reflections can come from any reflecting surface, such as glass, water, cars, etc.

3. Reflections and Light--This is a more difficult one. We want to see patterns of light reflected from a shiny surface. The patterns should be created by the shape of the reflecting surface. Shadows in the light patterns are acceptable and may be unavoidable.

I will give examples of each of these in a moment.

We do NOT want to see:

1. Pictures of reflections by themselves.
2. Pictures of shadows by themselves
3. Pictures of light patterns by themselves (Not sure this is even possible)

Here are some examples:

1. Light and shadows--This shot shows a pattern cast on a wall by the sun shining through a patterned glass window in a door. The picture was shot about ten years ago and I don't recall if it was stained glass or a patterned cut glass. The subtle shadows are caused by patterns in the glass.

2. Reflections and Shadows--This is a shot of shadows caused by the sun shining through a slotted awning. The shadows are reflected in the window below the awning.

3. Reflections and Light--You may have to look hard to find something like this. I found it accidently and it took me awhile to figure out what is happening. The sun is reflecting off the windows in the building to the right and creating the pattern on the front of the yellow awning.

Study these examples and see what you can come up with. Rember to put "Light, Shadows, Reflections" in your subject.

Reminder--Starting with this challenge, the daily posting limit of two posts per day and two photos per post goes into effect.



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