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Hi Im carter and can you help me out becuse Im 9 and new.
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Hi Carter,
You have a difficult shot here. The foreground is very bright and the background is dark. The meter in your camera has adjusted for the bright water and that is why the background is dark. An experienced photographer would have trouble with this shot.

There are two solutions to this problem. If your camera can use filters, there is a filter that is half clear and half gray. It is called a split or graduated neutral density filter. You adjust the filter so that the gray portion is on the bottom. This will reduce the brightness of the water while not affecting the darker part of the image. The meter will then open up the lens a bit so that the distant bank and trees are lighter.

The other solution is selecting the darker portion of the photo and lightening it in your photo editor.

As for the challenge, this photo qualifies. You have shadows and reflections, although difficult to see, since they are in the dark part of the picture.

If my explanation was too technical for you, don't give up hope! You will soon learn these tricks. Keep shooting and get familiar with your camera. With a scene like this, try point the camera higher or lower and see the difference in the picture.

Good Luck

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The entries you have made so far have been quite good given your limited experience. As Cal noted the lighting conditions in your shot are very difficult. With the lower portion well and the upper fairly dark it's very challenging to get both right in the same shot.

Practice makes perfect. I took several hundred shots with my first digital camera before I felt comfortable with it.

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