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Most of us are familiar with the old adage describing the tricks done by Magicians, it's all smoke and mirrors.

This is your opportunity to be magicians. You can blur the distinction between what's real and what's just smoke and mirrors as in:

Can you easily tell the real from the fictional? How were you able to tell?

Or in the following, which side are we on? The the side with the chairs looking out or the side with the harbor and mountains looking in?

Again, how can you tell? What clues did you use?

Therefore, don't show me beautiful pictures of wonderful scenery reflected in a lake or pond etc.

Posters, here's what you needfor this challenge about mirrors.
  1. Carefully compose a picture of an object reflectedin amirror's (glass or similar) which blurs the line between the real object(s) and the reflection OR [/*]
  2. Capture a reflection that combines inside and outside such that you need to carefully decipher if are you on the inside or the outside AND[/*]
  3. Include the word "Mirrors" in the title of your post.[/*]
Mirror shots are simpler than they seem at first so be careful. e.g. watch out for text or other giveaways.

Viewers and critics, here's your chance to do some detective work on the submissions.

Again, remember Cal's dictum, you should be taking photos specifically for this challenge. Eschew your collection of archived photos. And also

Remember: 2 posts per day, 2 photos per posting.

POST your photos in the forum not in this thread!

Most important, Have fun!!

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Selvin, here's my guess as to which is which...

in the first photo, the reflected image is on the left, the real on the right. the giveaway is the texture of the right side of the photo, the shadows, and the corner of the wall... and the mirror frame visible above the vase!

in the second shot, i think it was taken from the outside looking in. typically, looking out through a window doesn't produce that kind of reflection of the inside of the room - you just see what's outside. usually the only time the inside of the room is clearly reflected is when the inside is significantly brighter than the outside, which is not the case here...

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Well done! Now your turn to enter the challenge

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It's easy - the mirror is behind the reflected object, which means the nearest object to the camera - the one on the right in this case - is the real one.
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