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I have a Craftsman Laser Level that projects a straight red line onto whatever it is pointed at. I was playing with it in the garage with the door closed and the lights off. I noticed that when I pointed it at my workbench, it created an interesting pattern with the objects on the bench.

I mounted the D100 on a tripod and hooked up the remote cable. I set the exposure to manual with an aperture of f8 and shutter set to bulb. After about twenty tries with very bad results, I mounted the laser on a tripod. It had a tripod mount in the kit. I set the laser just a couple inches below the level of the camera. I turned the laser on and covered it with my left hand. I locked the shutter open and took my hand away from the laser for about two seconds and covered it again. I panned the laser up a bit (camera shutter still open) and uncovered it again for about two seconds. I repeated this three more times and then released the shutter on the camera. What you see here is the result. I intend to continue working with this concept and I will post more photos as I figure out what I am doing.


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Cool! I often wonder what our neighbors think as they see odd lights go on and off in our dark houses...LOL
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Ithink you've finally figured how to get red discontinuous lines using a laser beam.

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