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OK, for this experiment heres what I did:

Camera (Evolt E-500) mounted on a tripod, ISO100, bulb setting(range from 1 to 8 seconds), focal about 35mm and an apeture of 4.9.

Taking a normal flashlight, I made 2 passes over the cd to get the colorfull ray beams, then I put a blue laser light over the same cd and made a little swirl pattern in the air. What you see above is the results.

This little experiement made a few shots I was happy with. Some things that make this shot more or less interesting, is use a cd like a windows cd, a disk with the hologram on the front, for a more colorfull effect or try to use a 2nd light underneath the cd to get a glowing inside and edges of the cd giving the disk a more disk like look.

I also tried to add a few droplets of water to the cd, to get a totally different effect as well as using a scatched up cd. I'm sure thanks to this little challenge, I will probably spend another nite or two playing around seeing what other results I can come up with from a cd, a flash light and a laser light.

BTW: My laser light was blue, I couldnt find a red one Wish I had a red one to add in with the blue colored one.

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this is a cool effect, but I don't think it is in focus enough
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Nice efect, l really like the blue tones. And nice camera by the way

I seen a hunters flashlight at walmart thats for tracking bloodtrails that disperses alight of half blue and half red light split side by sideusung 2 led bulbs, im going to pick one up soon and see what kind of effects i can get using it.

Best regards,

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Old Aug 13, 2006, 3:50 AM   #4
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Great special effects.

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I really like the effects of the light. I agree, however, it is slightly out of focus or there was camera movement during the shot.


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