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Most of us are familiar withstop action shots in which we try to use the highest possible shutter speed to freeze something in motion. We freeze a batter hittinga ball or a car racing around a circuit using shutter speeds in the 1/500 sec or higher region.

However there are occasions in which we want the opposite effect, we actually want the background blurred or the object blurred to emphasize the motion of the object or person. This can be accomplishedin several ways either thru "panning" i.e. moving the camera and keeping it focused on the central object so that the background is blurred or deliberately using a slow shutter speed so the object is now blurred. The sense of motion is thus conveyed equally effectively these techniques.

The challenge this period is to submit shots using these or other techniques to convey a sense of motion. Again, remember no use of photoshop or similar software to artificially blur the background. Freeze action shots of high speed motion will not be accepted for this challenge. However, that should not deter you from using your creativity to see how you can suggest motion.

Please put "Things in motion" in your subject line. Since most people are primarily concerned about keeping their cameras rock steady to ensure the sharpest possible image I don't think too many archival pictures will float to the surface.

Remember--Two postings per day, Two photos per posting.

Start moving things around.

Here are two examples of "Things in motion":

1/30s f/3.2 at 35.8mm iso125 (Slow shutter speed to blur motion)


1/50s f/3.5 at 16.6mm iso64 (Panning with camera)

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