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Not very impressive, but a silhouette just the same.

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Well, the word "impressive" is very relative, isn't it? What may look impressive to one individual, may appear ordinary to another. One can obtain a "silhouette" by photographing just about anything since it's all a matter of how you meter the light against your subject. I do like your photo a lot primarily because of the composition. The tree branches fill the entire frame while the birds are pretty muchconcentrated in themiddle part of the image (that's the nature of birds, they stick together no matter how much space thereis around them). You could have cropped the far left and far right branches to emphasize the birds but I think you would loose a lot in terms of overall composition. Also, I don't see CA, very common in pictures taken against cloudy skies. Now, that can be attributed tothe camera but the photographer can also help reduce CAby choosing a more appropriate aperture.In any case, you did agood job, Vanessa!
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From where I'm standing it ain't that bad.

The psychologist in me started thinking about the pattern of the birds nesting. There seem to be a few loners in there, wonder why? Because Tullio is right these tend to be very social creatures. I could go on.

There are various levels of perception.


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