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Good morning, im new in photography and very eager to learn the most, after Reading Steve Reviews i bought this great digital camera, yet i see in other reviews there is a section about lenses reviews (Wide Angle, Telephoto, Macro) that can be attached to the camera in evaluation(e.g. DSC S60), as i see in the Powershot a700 Advanced User Guide some canon lenses that can be attached i was wondering if there's any special Steve's reviews or recomendation on that topic (a700+lenses), i'd like to have Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses yet i've been told that due to the focal distance range (5.8 - 34.8mm 1:2.8 - 4.8 ) of this camera lenses won't be of much help.

Another thing, in M (manual) mode is it normal not being able to control Exposure?

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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The a700 has a 6x zoom lens, so at telephoto end you are shooting with aboutthe same magnification that a 35 mm camera would with a 210 mm lens attached. That is about the top end for most people to hand-hold a camera. If you add a telephoto attachment to that, you are almost certain to need a tripod to avoid visible blurring from your hand shake. There will also be issues of edge sharpness.

At the wide-angle end you could consider the add-on lens, and it will take you out to the equivalent of about 28 mm, if I remember correctly. I would expect a bit of perspective distortion, but I haven't read up on it. You can decide for yourself whether the cost of the adapter plus the lens is worth adding that little bit to your zoom range.

Regarding the exposure: The exposure setting makes the overall picture lighter or darker by adjusting what the camera considers optimum overall exposure. Going to fully manual with this camera lets you set both shutter speed and aperture size, the two components of exposure, independently, so there are no calculations for the camera to make. That is why you are not seeing the exposure compensation option.

Note that this camera has three options for metering: full-frame, center-weight average, and a (relatively small) spot meter. Most users will get good exposures from one of those. Use the full-frame meter for evenly lit scenes such as landscapes, center weighted average for things like portraits where you want the center (face) exposed correctly and you aren't worried so much about background exposure, and use the spot meter whenever the other two are having problem getting a reading you like. To use the spot meter, put the most critical spot in the center of the view finder and press the shutter down halfway like you are using the focus lock. It will then lock both exposure and focus as long as you hold it down, and you can recompose and shoot. In the odd situation where you want to meter one spot and focus another, just check the exposure values in the information display, manually set both in that handy manual mode, then refocus and shoot.

(Built-in spot meter was greeted with much excitement when Canon first included it in their upper-level 35 mm cameras, but I am showing my age by remembering that!)

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I disagree with the fact that 210mm is the most people can shoot at!! I am only two months old as a photographer but using a camera with Image Stabilization, I can shoot at 432mm and 1/20th of a second shutter speed with no blur. Now the IS helps a lot, but lets say that it lets me shoot 4 stops slower (in truth it's only 2-3). So that means that at 432mm, you should be able to shoot at about 1/300 shutter speed.

I have not used the A700 so I can't help much with the other questions, but the teleconverter is definatly worth the money, especially if you shoot wildlife. (Just remember to shoot in bright light so you can use 1/300 shutter speed or faster)
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