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I had a Sony Cybershot 4mp for about 3 years. Had no problem with that. Last week my dad bought a new camera, the Canon A640. Sales person said it was " worth the price and features". The thing is, we dont know anything about these cameras.

We recently took some pictures, using the AUTO setting. Guess what. THe old SONY pics were clearer and brighter than this one. I tested this by taking pictures using Auto settings on both cameras during the same time at same places.

What should i do? i dont want to play around with settings everytime i take pictures. We usually take scenery, family, people, nothing with too much detail.

What's the best setting to leave the camera in for regular use, with GOOD focus, expecially when you're drivin in a car?

If you know, it would mean a lot. Or i might end up getting my dad to return it n get a more "simple" camera.

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If all you want/need is good snapshots, then the A640 is indeed overkill. My sweetie has a Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 (4mp) and it takes very nice snapshots - crisp, good color, slightly overexposed sometimes. My Canon A620, in comparison, is sometimes slightly less "bright", not quite as sharpened, and captures a bit more detail. Sometimes I like the sharpened, processed look of the Sony, sometimes the smoother, more natural look of the Canon; it depends on what mood I am in. :lol:

It can be difficult going from one camera to another. The Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 feels like it has a hair-trigger shutter button compared with my Canon, and that could cause a little more camera movement, which could result in a slightly blurry photo. Feel and comfort-level are very important in a camera, IMO. You might want to return that A640 (which is a fabulous camera, by the way) and check out another Sony.

Can you post a couple of pics from your A640 so we can check 'em out?
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A few years back many people referred to the Sony bright colors as "Disnyfied" colors. Some people really liked the old Sony colors and some didn't. You might be able to somewhat duplicate the Sony colors by going to "Vivid" in the menu under "My Colors".

If that doesn't work out for you go to "Custom Color" in the menu and see if you can increase the contrast, saturation and sharpening a notch. I don't have an A640 and some of the A series lets you make fine adjustments to the color balance and some have 5 levels for each setting under Custom Color if I read the reviews correctly. If Vivid doesn't work out try Custom Color.

Once you get it set the way you want you should be able to leave everything in Auto and get the photos you want.

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