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Livin Dec 4, 2006 12:22 PM

I'm getting a new digicam this year and want to be able to use it underwater and on land. Price is not an issue on these for me but I'm not willing to spend more then what these cost since I also need to buy an underwater case for them.

I'm trying to decide between the A640, SD900, and SD800IS or maybe even the A710IS, or something else if you have a rec?

My "likes' for each...

A640 : AA bats, 10mp
SD800IS : Image Stabilization, small size, Digic III chip
SD900 : small size, 10mp, high-res lcd, Digic III chip

Questions / Thoughts...

Will the IS will help underwater?

Does the A640 or SD900 have that much better IQ then the SD800IS?
- I want to be able to print as large as 8x10.

Please respond if you have used these cameras and especially for scube or snorkel... Thank you for any input you have!

justapix Dec 7, 2006 9:25 PM

I will give my totally unqualified answer because I myself am looking to get a replacement for my old A85

first in regards to theImage Stabilizationin the SD800IS it will help for underwater pictures "a lot" because when taking picture underwater light is almost always the limiting factor... the more light the better and bright the colors the camera will be able to record underwater. (that is why u see professionals with huge light set ups) The reason the IS will help is because it will allow u to take pictures it a slower shutter speed and there for allow more light into your picture.

That said, I would suggest one of the following

pros: DIGIC III, Compact,
cons: proprietary batter, 3.8x zoom

pros: 6x zoom, AA batteries, more shooting features
cons: DIGIC II,ISO 80-800

Obviously the pros and cons are biased towards my preferences, and for awhile I wasreally interested in the A710IS for awhile because of the 6x zoom, The SD800IS has really impressed me w/ picture quality.All of these come w/ underwater housings and Underwater scene modes. So the choice is up to you.

Livin Dec 8, 2006 10:11 AM

I figured the IS would help underwater. The 6x zoom of the A710 is not needed UW but is nice on land. I'm wondering how much difference the Digic III makes compared to II? It is nice to be able to use AA bats and not worry about taking a charge with you or expensive proprietary LIon bats, but I get the wholesale so they are cheap.

The A710 does have more manual adjustments but my last cam was a Sony P9 3.2mp and I used it on full auto with my Ikelite DS-50 strobe and it worked fine. I got some amazing shots!

I may get the SD800IS just due to size and having a newer chip.

Anyone else have experience or input?

samspade Dec 8, 2006 11:07 AM

I use the A620 currently. I have found that it is easy to find replacement batteries anywhere in a pinch, even though I use rechargables normally. Many things run on AA baatteries and they are available everywhere in the world. The DIGIC III is better for some applications, but not to the degree that it makes a noticible difference in the image (particularly underwater). I'd rather have a good quality image that can be made better by tweaking it later than to not have any image because my proprietary battery went dead while doing a surface interval. IS is a very desirable feature and will be in my next UW camera. Check out the A710 IS for the best of both worlds.

jockwav Dec 22, 2006 1:46 PM

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I have the canon A640 and i think it is fantastic.

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