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I ran across a "too good to pass up" deal on theS2a couple weeks ago and haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it, but when I go from full tele to full zoom (no digital) the picture in the LCD gets so blurry that you can't tell what your pointing at. I have to press the button half way for it to focus and then it always seems like the LCD gets darker after it focus's so then - while it's now in focus - it's a lot darker so it's still hard to see what I'm shooting. My fiance took it to a wildlife park to get some shots of some eagles and came home empty handed. (She didn't know about the pressing it half way thing. (Well, she knows to do that before taking a picture, but not to see what your trying to focus on. If this is by design I'd say that's a poor decision.

I'll admit I'm a rookie, but my old8x HP945, A40 and Kodak DX4530 never acted like this. I'm just wondering if I got a bad one?

Also, I could use any of the above cameras and get decent shots ofmy dashboard at night, and with the S2 I tried the Night Portrait, Fireworks, and auto mode and everyone of them is too dark to see much. (My buddies camera phone's pictures were brighter.)

Finally. . . is the EVF just that grainy? I can't even hardly stand to look through it.

Since I'm such a rookie I'm thinking that this just isn't a real good point and shoot type camera. I was thinking aboutselling it and getting the Kodak Z612, but figured I'd ask on here first.

What do you all think?

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First try to reset your camera to Factory defaults. Press down Menu button for few seconds and admit to reset settings. Use AUTO mode. If pictures in Auto mode are looking good, your camera is OK.

You should also go through the camera manuals to understand it in better way. S2-IS is a very good camera. If still in problem you should contact Canon Support office.

All the best.

- Rakesh Gupta

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I've noticed the same thing with my 2is. When looking through the optical viewfinder at full telephoto should the view be blurry until you press the release halfway?
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