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Hi all together!

First, i must apologize for my english - it´s no really good, because i´m living in germany :-)
Despite that i hope you can understand what i mean.....

I´ve got a Canon Powershot A640 since yesterday. I took already 200 Pictures, mostly they were excellent in terms of quality.

But today i was very disappointed, when i tried to take some shots in twilight, shortly after the sun went down.

Some of the pictures showed some strange, round, bright blotches, scattered randomly all over the picture. The blotches looked like little droplets from fog sitting on the lens. But it was very cold, about 0°C and dry. humidity was fairly high, though, about 85%.

Further important observations:
1.) No blotch appeared twice on the same spot on the picture, like an hot pixel would. They were randomly scattered, totaly different in each picture.
2.) Not all pictures were affected in the same way. some show 1 or 2 blotches, some were totally scattered.
3.) I tried to repeat the situation 10 minutes ago in my garden (at night, t=4 seconds, A=f/2,8, ISO 400). 1 of 4 shots showed 2 small blotches near the center of the picture.
4.) The Lens is absolutely clean, no Dust, no Fingerprint etc.
5.) All pictures taken at good light oder indoors (incandescent with or without flash) are really great - no complaints.

Does anybody know what´s the reason for this? Do i have to return this nice little Camera for repair?

Thank you very much for your help!!

nice Greetings from Bonn/Germany,


PS: Here is an small example of this blotches:

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Unless I am seeing it wrong, that is a photo using the flash. Will assume the other photos with problems were also with the flash. That looks like reflections from particles in the air - dust, snow, soot, rain drops, ...

Try an experiment indoors where you don't see those blotches. At night so the flash is the main light source. Fire off a few shots and check for the blotches. If none, shake a pillow that has been used for a couple of nights (at least) in the air 1-2 yards/meters in front of the camera and fire away with the flash. You should see the blotches in the second set of photos.
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wantto test out have somefun

get a spray bottle andnot on the camera but iffront at nighttakea picture, you'll get those blotches.

1 flash or no flash. not dissagreeing at all.

This isa olympus d490z w/o a flash taken. at WDW disneyworld , Orlando , at theMGM fantasmic show. All is normal.

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sorry tons ofwater in the air. andagain here is another one less drops

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