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In the past I avoided redeye reduction like the plague. Usually it goes off so long and slow that people tend to turn away thinking the pic has been taken. I just bought the Canon Powershot A640 and do notice a considerable amount of redeye I guess due to the location of the flash. I turned on the redeye feature and took a picture in the mirror to see how long the redeye preflash was and it was almost insignificant. The camera already has a preflash in the regular mode so the addition of the redeye doesnt seem that much longer. I actually had to go back and see if the redeye was turned on. Are the redeye functions in these newer cameras faster? Are they just as effective now that they are shorter? Is it my imagination that it was flashing unnoticably quick?
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They may be less noticeable, butit isjust as ineffective as shown in this review of the A640...


Redeye reduction in point & shoot digicams with built-in flash units are more marketinghype than reality, although those marketers are careful to call it "reduction" instead of "elimination", or we could call them outright liars. There are some shots you'll get without redeye...some, it is not predicatable, but the physics are working against you. The flash is too darn close to the lens. You arebetter off foregoing ANY use of redeye reductionand doing away with it later on the computer in software. Better to get the shot than lose a millisecond due to redeye reduction that doesn't work anyway and lose a good or even great picture.
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