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flash110 Jan 5, 2007 2:38 PM

Hi!, im in the process of deciding which camera to buy, after a lot of research i narrowed itdown to Canon s3 and Sony h5, The Sony H5 has IMHO better image quality (this is my conclusion after seeing a lot of samples in and reviews, Sony pics look sharper more focused and better in low light) and one extra mp, the Canon S3 is smaller, has a better movie mode and swivel LCD (both last things important to me) but i´m worried about image quality, specially i saw samples and read opinions about focusing issues and the lens seems to be of poor quality, to be honest i would buy Canon S3because in general it better fit my needsthe only thing that concerns me is its focusing problem, can anybody comment on this? Thanks!

lmn927 Jan 18, 2007 12:01 AM

I too have been debating between the Canon S3 and the Sony H5 for months. Although I've been a fan on Canon for a long time, I finally caved in tonight and bought the Sony. My sister has the Canon S3 and constantly complains that she has trouble focusing. Many of her shots are blurry. Like you, I really wanted the swivel LCD and better movie mode, but on the otherhand, the Sony has an extra megal pixel and a HUGE 3" LCD. After seeing the focusing issues my sister has had, I think the Sony is the way to go.

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