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I hope someone can help me recover video clips from my Sandisk Ultra 2 card.

I usually view the clips and stills through my Pany DVD writer to the television, eliminating those that I don't like, then recording the rest on the Pany hard drive. At the end of the bird hunting season I combine these twenty or so little programs and make a DVD for some of my family and friends. I ALWAYS record to the Pany hard drive before I load the clips into my computer,……well, almost always.

Yesterday, I goofed and decided to download my videos and stills to the computer before recording to the Pany hard drive. Unfortunately, I inadvertently transferred the files to the computer instead of copying them. My Ultra 2 card was blank. No problem, I thought, so I copied everything back to the Ultra 2 through my card reader/writer. When I put the card back in the camera, I could see the stills but couldn't view the video clips. I know they are on the card because they show up if I put the card in a stand alone printer. Also, the amount of space left on the card indicates the clips are on there.

I reformatted a different Ultra 2 card and transferred only the video clips to that card. The transfer takes up space but in my Canon A710 the card says "No images" when I try to view them.

I need to get the video clips back on an Ultra 2 card since my Pany recorder will not read the CD that I can make with the computer.

Anybody have an idea?
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When you delete files from media, you can usually recover them using some of the popular utilities designed for that purpose, as long as you haven't overwritten them.

But, given that you've been copying files back to the media you originally moved the files from, your chances of recovering them have diminished considerably (portions of them were probably overwritten, since the space was tagged as available and you may have used some of it). So, you may not be able to get them back intact.

You may be able to get the files you copied back to the media, if they're there and not corrupted (it would have much better to just recover the originally deleted images since they were probably good). They still might be (cameras can be finnicky about displaying images that have been modified in any way, especially if they're not in the same folders, named the same way, etc.).

Never write to the media you're trying to recover files from, until *after* you get them back if you accidently delete stuff or format a card.

If you want to try... a good open source program to use is this one. It can recover about 80 different file types, including many popular image and movie file formats:


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