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HI to all...!! I'm an amatuer photogropher with a Canon D350 SLR digital camera. I've been experencing this problem of capturing objects indoors. I've tried working on Tv mode i.e. the Shutter speed and the Av mode i.e. the Aperture priority but the effect with both is blurring up of the image.

Wonder where am i going wrong.... Plus pls give me few tips of taking pictures at night without flash to get the truest colors.

Also advice me that what settings should the camera be at to enable me to to capture the Sun.


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for your indoor photos, the blur is likely one of two things:

1. Motion blur - your subject is moving and you don't have a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the action.

2. Camera shake - even if your subject is still, the shutter speed you or the camera selects is too slow to handhold - so in the time the shutter is open your hands move and thus the image is blurry.

Or it could be both.

Do you have some sample images to show along with the EXIF data (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) and include the lens you used.

Now, depending on what you're shooting there are several possible solutions:

If your subject is stationary a tripod will fix the problem. In lieu of that, a monopod or even image stabalized lens will help fix the problem. None of these will help if your subject is moving though.

Or, you could use a flash which will allow you to use a slower shutter speed (to avoid camera shake) and the flash will actually freeze your subject if it is moving.

Or, it may be you don't have ISO set high enough

Or, you may need a lens with a wider aperture.

Post a sample photo of the problem along with the info I requested and we can help you figure out which specific problem you're encountering (motion blur or camera shake) and what solution will work given your subject.
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