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Helcifer Feb 24, 2007 10:53 AM

I'm planning of getting a Canon Powershot camera soon, but I've a slight problem.. I don't know whether to get a Sandisk or Kingston memory card. Which is better?

And how does the speed of the memory card affect the camera performance? Is standard speed card sufficient? I read that to take movies at 30fps, I must have a fast speed card for good performance. Is it true??

Please let me know. Thanks!!

reppans Feb 24, 2007 11:41 AM

I have a powershot A710IS and use cheap PNY/Kingston non-speed rated cards, I believe they should be around 30x speed. A Canon service tech told me the max this camera can write at is about 50x. In my tests, all video was fine for the cards, only continuous burst mode stretched the cards:

- 640x480/30fps video is <2mb/sec, no problem for these cards
- 3mb photos in continuous mode is about 5mb/sec, no problem
- 4mb photos in continuous mode is about 7mb/sec, it starts to slow up
- 5mb photos in continuous mode is about 9mb/sec, it really started to slow up... <1 shot per second.

However, there seems to be a memory buffer such that the camera only started to slow up after the 5th shot.

Sintares Feb 24, 2007 11:44 AM

Well Sandisk is the better known name, but Kingston is still a good make.

The Kingston is likely to be cheaper so I would go for that and get a x50 or x60 card which should be fine.

SD cards aren't like standard consumer electronics, ie the cheap tv thats lasts 6 months before blowing up.

Many of the smaller no name brands just buy them in from the big manufacturers, stick a cheap label on it and sell it for $10, while the big name company sticks a more expensive label on the exact same card and sells it for $29.99..

Sometimes I have taken the label of a no name cheap card to find thea big name companies details engraved into the card as the maker and a serial number showing it came from the same factory as my expensive name card !

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