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I just bought the S3 and I like it alot. My son plays volleyball and I am looking for some advice on how to take the best pictures inside the Gym. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Two factors affect actionshots taken inside gyms: WB and speed. If you can, go to the gym in advanceand take some shots at various WB settings (auto, fluorescent, etc.). Download them to your PC and you'll be able to then choose the most accurate setting. As for speed, make sure you set your camera to Tv mode and use1/400 if you want to freeze action. That means the camera will adjust the aperture accordingly. Set the ISO to at least 400 or you will end with poor images due to lack of light. Remember, the more you zoom in, the more light you need. You can always clean up some noise with Neatimage.
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I have S2 IS and I can say moving pictures are not so great.

I will try by putting camera on TV mode and taking picture/s
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Tullio's advice is good.

You might also try experimenting with slower speeds say from 1/60 to 1/125 range. The IS will help keep the camera steady, you'll be able to use a lower ISO for less noise, and, especially with volleyball, there'll be moments that you can catch your son's face reasonably still with motion blurr around him (from his arms, the ball, and other players). I happen to like those shots over freeze frame ones... you get a greater sense of action.

Also, use continuous burst mode... you're bound to catch some perfect shots that way.
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