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I plan to get a digital camera (instead of my existing EOS 500N SLR), I am working in USA for next 2 years so will have lots of great piccie opportunities and want to make the most of them.

Ideally I would like something small and portable so can carry often but am keen to experiment more with photography -partly desire to go digital - and don't want to losequality compared to our SLR (which we only ever used in auto modes but always gave great photos especially of people).

I am therefore looking for some advice as to whether to go with an S500 or A80 or whether the extra investment in a Digital Rebel (although bulkier to carry around) will pay instant real dividends in picture quality (even if largely still using pre-programmed modes) - plus obvious future potential.

However when I see on websites some of the photos people have taken with cameras such as S400 or A80 I am amzed given they are point and shoot and hence wonder if I would be wasting my money on a dSLR and would be better getting the most out of a more basic small camera with the advantage of portability.

Photos will mostly be of our young children, landscapes and townscapes.

Thanks in advance.

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If you don't want to miss much from your traditional means of shooting, then definitely get a digital SLR. You will find shortcomings with point-and-shoot cameras. Check out the DSLR forums here. Good luck!
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That is a difficult thing to answer. My experience with small cameras has carried over from film to digital. I always had a small pocket zoom 35mm I carried everywhere when I didn't have my big SLR gear with me. I have more photos over the years with the pocket camera than with the SLR. The SLR is more versatile and gave consistently better images, but the first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun and it is hard to carry a SLR around everywhere.

The same has been true of digital. My large cameras are more competent but I get more photos with my small camera I always have with me. You might consider a small camera with full controls as a learning tool and carry-everywhere camera and use your SLR for the special circumstances where you plan to take photos.

There is no question a DSLR gives better images. The large sensors have less noise and the cameras are faster. I'm holding out for reviews of the Minolta DSLR to be released in the fall. It has stabilization built into the sensor so any lens you attach is stabilized. I've become a fan of stabilization and hope they make a good camera.

If you elect to go with a small digital get something that you can carry all the time. The S500 is a good choice where the A80 is a bit large. The Minolta G500 is a bargain. It has manual plus aperture and shutter priority where the S500 just has full manual exposure, which I think is sufficient for a small camera without a flash shoe. You can get maximum aperture with portrait mode and maximum shutter with sports mode. They are both slow by current standards for shutter lag and cycle time.
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Thanks, I guess it is the old conumdrum...love the S500 for portability, love the dSLR pictures and flexibility to learn more !

Am I right tothink photos from S500 and A80 would be pretty comparable anyway despite less manual controls on S500 ?

Only other option is something like a Pro 1 or S1 but at tests couldn't get used to the "freeze" frame effect...is the Nikon 5700 any better ?

As a matter of interest how good isscanning SLR photos in, or developing straight onto CD. If good then I could soldier on with SLR forcertain occasions and still develop my skills with an S500 whilst saving up for dSLR. Has anyone any experience ?
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