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I have been the ecstatically happy owner of the 2MP S300 for years, but it's finally time to upgrade.

I have $500 budgeted, so I have a wide array of choices, but I've narrowed the field based on the following:

1) Needs 4-5mp
2) Needs 3x optical zoom
3) Needs a durable body (read: mostly metal)
4) Needs a decent macro mode so I can take closeup pics of small objects
5) Must be small and handy, like my S300

The S500 seemed the most logical choice, but I am dismayed by how few manual controls it offers. I am also concerned about the weak flash. I take a lot of photos at night... good night picture ability is important to me. The S60 came out, and I am intrigued by the wide angle lens (I also take a lot of indoors shots at fairly close quarters). The underwater kit for the S500 is also an intriguing option I hold to take advantage of at some point. I have long had a huge respect for Canon's cameras. I also have a lot invested in CF cards, so there's nother reason to stay Canon. :-)

But seeing the 5mp Sony, with it's HUGE lcd, the ability to add on various lenses and a strong external flash(!!!), has kind of thrown me for a loop. Big lcd's are a BIG plus for me. One of my main complaints about my S300 is the tiny screen, and they have not improved things with the S500, IMO.

Steve's review did not say much about low-light performance without a flash... the canon's digic chip has some pretty good good noise reduction, I've read... how does the Sony do? Any other thoughts? The Sony is a bit bigger than the S500, of course, but not by much. The S60 is also bugger, of course, but it's still a manageable size, although I would miss the truly pocket-size of the Sx00 series.

Picture quality is also very important to me... I've read that the Sony's tend to be a bit blue and somewhat over-sharp, and that the Canon's colors are generally among the best... but I've also readon some concerning reviews about soft corners and some PQ issues with the newer Canons, too.

ARRRRGH! Anyone have any advice to give to help me on this decision?

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Oh, I note that the price field is fairly level, since the Canons are both about $500 (less online), and the Sony is $400, but I'd need to drop some cash on memory sticks. (Just wanted to add that in...)
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