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Frank Hagan Sep 30, 2004 12:33 AM

My Canon A70 is about 16 months old, so it is out of warranty. Everything seems to be working, but suddenly the shutter release button no longer works. There is no difference in the feel of the button; it still depresses slightly but nothing happens.

Judging from the other reports here, it is no use contacting Canon. The charges I've seen to fix minor things from them ... about $150 ... is too steep for a product that cost me $300 to begin with.

Has anyone else had this happen? Was there an "easy" solution? After this experience, I doubt that I'll buy a Canon again.

RyanH Oct 1, 2004 2:07 PM

I am not promoting this in anyway -

But if the camera will not take a pic, andyou are not going to service the camera and it is not under warranty, take it apart :shock:and see if something under the shutter button broke.

Or you could try and eBay it describing the problem. Then maybe you could get something out of it for a new camera.

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