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What's the best way to get a fast shutter speed in low light without the flash using the Canon S1 IS? I would like some suggestions on finding the best compromise between lowest noise, lowest blur (fastest shutter speeds and btw I mean subject not camera movement - I can handhold at fairly slow speeds especially with IS), and best color, assuming all pics are properly exposed (after using the levels command in Photoshop if necessary)? Also a good depth of field would be nice if possible, but considering I'd probably have to use F/2.8 or F/3.1 for most of my shots (btw I would be taking some telephoto shots in low light, too) I don't really have much choice there.

see below... btw my camera can do (in Aperture priority or Shutter priority, either of which I'd probably be using most of the time) an exposure compensation of -2, or if I use exposure bracketing, -4.

(pasting from Notepad...)

All were shot at F/2.8 unless otherwise indicated.
All were shot at wideangle (5.8mm - 38mm in 35mm terms) with manual focus.
note: I used full manual mode - the "comp" is what the exposure compensation would have been. To find this out, I took a shot in aperture priority, and a 0 compensation shot was approximately 0.5" F/2.8 ISO50. No pictures were shot with a compensation greater than 0.
I shot in order of shutter speed then increasing ISO - meaning each ISO setting for each shutter speed, but not to exceed an exposure compensation of +0
There are a couple places where I skip a sequence. This was because I did something wrong with the shot, deleted it, and retook it.

Pics are at
all pics are straight from the camera's memory card - no editing. You should be able to get all the exif info.

FILENAME Shutter ISO comp
IMG_8854.jpg 0.5" 50 0
IMG_8855.jpg 1/4" 50 -1
IMG_8856.jpg 1/4" 100 0
IMG_8857.jpg 1/8" 50 -2
IMG_8858.jpg 1/8" 100 -1
IMG_8859.jpg 1/8" 200 0
IMG_8860.jpg 1/15" 50 -3
IMG_8861.jpg 1/15" 100 -2
IMG_8862.jpg 1/15" 200 -1
IMG_8863.jpg 1/15" 400 -0
IMG_8864.jpg 1/30" 50 -4
IMG_8864.jpg 1/30" 100 -3
IMG_8865.jpg 1/30" 200 -2
IMG_8866.jpg 1/30" 400 -1
IMG_8867.jpg 1/60" 50 -5
IMG_8868.jpg 1/60" 100 -4
IMG_8869.jpg 1/60" 200 -3
IMG_8870.jpg 1/60" 400 -2
IMG_8873.jpg 1/125" 50 -6
IMG_8874.jpg 1/125" 100 -5
IMG_8875.jpg 1/125" 200 -4
IMG_8876.jpg 1/125" 400 -3
IMG_8878.jpg 1/250" 50 -7
IMG_8879.jpg 1/250" 100 -6
IMG_8880.jpg 1/250" 200 -5
IMG_8881.jpg 1/250" 200 -4
IMG_8882.jpg 1/500" 50 -8
IMG_8883.jpg 1/500" 100 -7
IMG_8884.jpg 1/500" 200 -6
IMG_8885.jpg 1/500" 400 -5
IMG_8886.jpg 1/1000" 50 -9
IMG_8887.jpg 1/1000" 100 -8
IMG_8888.jpg 1/1000" 200 -7
IMG_8889.jpg 1/1000" 400 -6
following are at F/4.0 aperture
IMG_8890.jpg 1/1000" 50 -10
IMG_8891.jpg 1/1000" 100 -9
IMG_8892.jpg 1/1000" 200 -8
IMG_8893.jpg 1/1000" 400 -7
following are at F/5.6 aperture
IMG_8894.jpg 1/1000" 50 -11
IMG_8895.jpg 1/1000" 100 -10
IMG_8896.jpg 1/1000" 200 -9
IMG_8897.jpg 1/1000" 400 -8
IMG_8898.jpg 1/2000" 50 -12
IMG_8899.jpg 1/2000" 100 -11
IMG_8900.jpg 1/2000" 200 -10
IMG_8901.jpg 1/2000" 400 -9
following are at F/8.0 aperture
IMG_8902.jpg 1/2000" 50 -13
IMG_8903.jpg 1/2000" 100 -12
IMG_8904.jpg 1/2000" 200 -11
IMG_8905.jpg 1/2000" 400 -10


Topic 2 of this thread:

Is there a place (and way to find out the costs) I could get an image sensor and a lens? I'd like to experiment sometime with a broken, warrany-voided Canon A70 and see what I can make it do in low light (assuming settling for 1.2 megapixel images (1280x960) with the option of using 0.3 megapixel (640x480) if I want to). I wouldn't need too much of a zoom - probably 108mm would be fine (or even as high as 144mm) and I might be able to even get by with 90mm, but the closer I have to be to my subject, the lower light I would need to be able to take pics in. For example, if the focal range was 36mm to 108mm and the aperture at tele was F/2.8, I'd want it to be something like F/1.4 or F/1.0 or whatever's appropriate at wideangle. I'd also want the sensor to be of sufficient size that I could get decent ISO 400 or 800 or 1600 shots if possible. I wouldn't mind cutting a little into the camera body if necessary to make room for a lens with a wider aperture, but I'd prefer not to have the lens stick out much farther (especially not farther than the battery compartment) when the camera is turned off. (in case you're wondering, the lens that's on it now got jammed when I dropped the camera a while back.)


Topic 3:

I am thinking about getting some pics that have accumulated over several months (could even be more than a year by now) printed.
Is there any place I can do it for a good price? Also I'd like (if possible) to have the exif info (date, time, shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed, focal length, focus distance, filename, camera mode, white balance, etc) printed on the back of each 4x6 (or should that be 4x5.33 or 6x4.5?) that I have printed?


Topic 4:

Also, besides the Crystalvue LX, what's a good super tele lens to get for the S1 IS? If possible I'd like to be able to get a lens long enough to make it so that I'd have to use a 1/1000" to 1/2000" shutter speed (at F/4.0 or F/5.6 (or maybe F/2.8) (most of my super tele shots will be either in daylight or of a bright object) in order to handhold even with IS turned on. The Crystalvue + S1 only goes to 3040mm.
I can handhold at 380mm with IS as low as 1/8" if I'm careful - what tele lens for < $100-150 (or if not that low for one whose effective aperture is no worse than F/4.0 to F/8.0 at full tele, and preferably variable focal lengths, what's the typical price range for something like that?) can I get so that I can get almost to where I need a tripod for 1/2000" F/4.0 shots?
I don't know if this lens (even accounting for the "true" focal length difference because of the sensor size of my camera vs what that lens was designed for) has enough magnification.
Also, would a decent tele lens have enough magnification to make a star almost fill the frame (and look almost like our sun does from here)?


Topic 5:

How do I get underexposed, motion-blurred (not camera shake) shots of the sun at noon on a cloudless day using only camera settings (no attachments), and assuming the camera is on a tripod with the self-timer, at full wide-angle?


Topic 6:

Also, how do I get less noise in my midnight-look-like-midday shots? I did resize this shot but you can still see some noise (original image was 2048x1536, ISO 400, 15", F/2.8, shot through a window at approx 2am)


Topic 7:

For low light no flash fast shutter shots, if other people are taking pics using the flash on their camera, is there a way to suggest camera settings for me to use their flash for the light on my camera? for example use continuous shooting mode, a slow shutter speed, F/8.0 aperture, ISO 50? I want to let in enough light to make their flash work even if I'm far enough away to have to use a 380mm focal length to get the shot, but not so much that I let in enough light to have blur factor in from the ambient light. I would be "guessing" at when they take the pic, so I was thinking a 1/4" to 1" shutter speed would be what I'd target. Any suggestions?


Topic 8:

Next time I have a lot of things on my mind to ask about, should I post 7 different topics instead?
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