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I thought there was no way to trigger an external flash with the S1 IS. But then I saw someone on this forum looking for a bracket to hold such a flash with his/her S1 IS. Can you actually use an external flash with the S1 IS in some way? If so I'd appreciate it if someone told me how!

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Jason, I have had the S1 for just over a month and, like you, I thought that this was not possible. I get the impression though from people here and elsewhere that we can purchase a "slave" flash which senses the main flash and fires.

I don't think there is a way to have an external flash and keep the main flash from firing though, so if the light angle from the built in flash does not work for your subject I am afraid you are pooched. Unless of course you can come up with a way to sheild the built in flash, still have the slave sense it, not block the lens, and manage to not blind yourself ;-)

Personally, I am not sure I will ever go this route. I bought the S1 as an upgrade from my point & shoot $25 35mm from Walmart, so I could learn photography. It's ahobby I have always aspired to and a dSLR is not in the budget right now. I am more likely to spend any extra money on add-on wide angle and macro lenses.


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Hi ,there a couple of generic aftermarket flash units available which work with the S1 .They are basically manual in operation but learn the preflash characteristics (red eye reduction etc) and fire with the correct flash .You can turn the S1's flash right downmanually or evan sit a opaque piece of plastic in front although I dont think this would be necessaryin a lot of cases.The one I have heard of in particular is the Vivitar df200 digiflash and if you do a search in DPreviews canon forum you will find a number of threads or look on www.vivitar.com .this flash has a bracket included in the kit to mount the flash to camera and a mini tripod .

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