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lazerguided wrote:
I can not speak for the SD300, as you will note, my comments are for the SD200. Even still, I stand by my statement. Things don't just break on their own. Cmon, you don't really think the boogie man came in during the night and smashed all the SD300 screens do you? Or they just go POP while in their nice little padded cases they all "seem" to be in when they broke... :? Common sense would dictate something, somehow broke them. I have traveled 3 times with this camera and its still in its case unbroken. Explain that... :O
I'm sorry, but your logic here is totally messed up. Of course things don't break on their own. Are you trying to give us a lecture on physics? By your logic if I bought a baseball bat made from balsa wood, played baseball with it and it broke apart would you then say it's my fault because I caused it to break by hitting to hard? Do you see how stupid the logic is?

A manufacturer has the duty to foresee probable uses the consumer will act upon their products during use and also it's their duty to ensure their products must stand up to reasonable use by the consumer. What you fail to see is that the LCD's are breaking from reasonable use. Luckily this is just a camera and not cars.
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