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I haven't used the FZ20, but I have used the FZ5.. I compared side by side.

Auto White balance is not very good on the FZ line. It's very disapointing... the Canon does a GREAT job of auto white balanced. Indoors, with the FZ5, to get a good picture, I had to consistantly set the white balance. This is unacceptable.

The FZ5 had a great autofocus speed.. faster than the FZ20 as I understand it. Outdoor photos were comparable, but the Canon S2 produced better colors.

I liked the FZ5 for it's smaller size/weight and feel. Ironically, my wife hated it for the same reason. Due to the size and weight, I would have likely kept the FZ5 if it wasn't inferior to the S2 in indoor shots, white balance, and washed out flash shots with a weak range. The FZ20 probably doesn't have the flash issues of the FZ5 though, plus you have a hotshoe.

The S2 also has a lot more options... you can manually set your saturation, sharpness, etc.. not just use the predefined mode on the FZ series. You also get the My Colors mode, which is fun, but not that useful, and there is no comparison in movie modes.

I also prefer the Canon Playback options. It's very fast, and it flows smoothly.The FZ series is a bit clunky. The Canon also has more buttons on the camera that allow you to avoid using the menu. The metering mode is one that's NOT available on the FZ. The Canon also has a custom button to assign to whatever you want.. I use mine for the ISO setting.

In Manual Mode, you just use the 4 way button to make adjustments.. on the FZ series, you have to his "exposer" first.

This being said, the FZ20 is an excellent camera. If it weren't so big, I would have seriously considered it.. and to be honest, I may consider the next incarnation, expecially if it has a decent movie mode. But for now. the S2.. for me.. is top dog.

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The lack of a remote is disappointing. However, since it can be computer controlled via its USB port, it would be possible for an enterprising company to develop a USB-dongle remote for the S2. However, I doubt anyone will think there's a large enough market to make it worth their time. I would probably go out an buy an S2 today, but there's one issue that may that for me. I really want a zoom that goes down to 28 mm. More and more often, I find that I want a wide angle lens, especially for landscape-related shots. I know that a wide angle adapter is available, but do I want to spend an extra $200 for the lens and lens adapter. It's not the most convenient thing, and it increases the size of the camera.
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I use a 1GB SD card for my PDA and a 1GB CF for the S1, I bought them for $120 and $110 respectively 4 months ago.

What I want on the camera is red-eye reduction that actually works!!
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