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Gouriprasad Apr 27, 2005 12:12 PM

I have purchased Canon Powershot A510 digital camera one week ago. I purchased a Kigston SD memory card (512 MB) separately. I tried to insert the SD memory card into the camera. Before inserting I locked the memory card with the Write protect switch. I then inserted the memory card into the camera. The camera LCD display shows "Card Locked !". I wanted to format the memory card before use. However I am not able to format the card.
When I try to remove the memory card out of the camera, it doesn't come out. It just comes half way and then gets stuck in the camera.

Please let me know how I can get away with this problem.



Bridge of Clay Apr 27, 2005 12:21 PM

Is Kingston a good brand? or would you recommend another one?

I'm looking for a new SD card for mine (and I want 512MB) but I don't know much about this... I have no idea on the brands.

Gouriprasad Apr 27, 2005 12:25 PM

I guess Sandisk is a better brand.

bayoubooger Apr 27, 2005 9:27 PM

you can't do anything with the card locked unlock and format, geez...:lol:

viking7 May 1, 2005 5:49 PM

Look at other topics at this site - you are not the only one with problems regarding SD card in Canon cameras. Its propably a software driver problem in the camera, and this problem will follow you in the rest of the time you spend with the camera.

Return the camera if you have the chance and buy an other non-Canon camera.

Daniel T May 2, 2005 9:51 PM

Hopefully you pushed the card in first, before you tried to remove it? That releases the catch and makes the card pop out slightly. Then just pull it out. If it's tight, maybe the label is sticking or something. It takes a bit of a pull to remove the memory card from my A510, but it's not that bad. Was the card difficult to put in as well?

And like the man says, once you get it out, unlock the card. Also, inspect it for scratch marks to see why it is sticking.

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