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mes444 May 13, 2005 8:13 PM

I justgot a new Canon A510. I bought a Kingston 512mb sd memory card and formatted it in the camera. It seems to be recording pictures well but twice during playback viewing I have gotten the message, "Incompatible Jpeg ?" with a black screenon a few but not all the pictures. And ofcourse, no picture. I reformatted the memory card and got the message again. Is it the card? the camera? any suggestions are appreciated.

Follow up: I found that the problem was me. In that I was rotating vertical pictures as I viewed them on my computer screen while they were still on the memory card. So when I went to view them with the camera, it no longer recognized them as they had been "altered". Just want to clear up that the A510 is doing well now and was not the problem.

lcmb11444 May 14, 2005 9:12 AM

The only time I have gotten this message is if I havepost-processed the images on the SD card with software whilein my SD card reader,then tried to put the card back in the camera and tried to see them again there. The camera doesn't seem to recognize the images I have post-processed with my software.If I haven't manipulated the images on the card outside the cameraI have never had a problem seeing them with the A510.

mes444 May 14, 2005 10:03 AM

lcmb, thanks for the input. I find that I can't see pictures which were taken with the camera held vertically. I didn't process them at all on the sd card, just once they were on my computer. I can see the pics on the card thru the card reader, but not thru the camera. I called Canon and they knew about the error and said to return it and get another because it was probably a defect. The camera also switched from P to M on it's own, so maybe it's just a problem with thiscamera. I will order another and hope it is better. The pics are very nice.

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