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hi same problem here, i first got a beige colored sd550, took a no of shots and over 50% turn out blurry or out of focus even with flash turn on. finedetails of the face and hair is just too soft for my taste.

andalsowhen i took pic of a friend with wall just behind him pic turn out well exposed. but when he shift to another area where the wall is far behind, the pic turn out over exposed, never have this problem with my old s500.

i went back to exchange to a silver color sd550, and same result. in the end i sold my sd550 at a lost and bought another 2nd hane s500. image quality in the new sd series sucks!!!
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Perhaps someone could educate me a bit.

In the photos first shown, they both have areas that are clearly and sharply in focus. If the problem were camera shake, shouldn't the entire image be out of focus?

To me it looks like the point of focus just was not on the subjects of desire - but clearly there are areas that are very much in focus. Can camera shake do that?

Am I way off?

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I know this isa late post but I just bought a SD500 myself and decided to look it up. As for the problem here being Camera shake I would have to say no. As mentioned in a previous post, some of the areas are in focus. This leads me to think that the focus point just isn't on your subject. If you want to be sure that your subject is in focus, set the focus point to always be the center point. Then you can focus on your subject while holding down the button, frame and shoot.

Dave Porter
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I have been having problems with my SD500 taking sharp photos also. Following the suggestions from others here, I turned OFF the AiAF, zoom out to the widest frame, and use KIDS & PETS to try to get a higher shutter speed. When I got thie SD500, I didn't realize there was no manual selection of shutter speed. Ithink most of the blurry pix are from camera movement or the camera selects too low a shutter speed.

Has anyone figured out how to force a faster shutter speed?

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