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It's time to buy aS2 1s but how do I sell my G5. And how much is worth? It has the lensmate adaptors, uv filters and a 2X Tiffen telephoto. It also looks a lttle tattered around the edges due to daily carrying and usage with no case but works great. I sold my Nikon system to a camera store for peanuts when I bught the G5 and hope i can do better this time. And a second question..... Aside from the long telephoto how much better is this camera than the G5? I rarely use th 2x Tiffen tele just due to the process of digging it out of the fanny pack and have been lusting for a built in long tele. Thanks, Don
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IMHO: you are better off trying to sell it on eBay, or privately.
You will probably be able to find someone who wants it, and is willing to pay a fair price for it.

I tried to tradeup from a 11 month old nikon 5400, and the stores here would not even look at it for a trade-in. They said they have no market for used digitals. They are still accepting and giving peanuts for used 35mm stuff though.

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Hi Don:

What a timely question. I just spent the last 2 weeks or so seeing what used G5s were worth on eBay, and finally ended up buying one in mint condition for just under $260 (+ ~$15 shipping). It had the original box, unfilled-in warranty card, unopened cables, remote, CDs, basically just about new. And it had a nice non-Canon leather case. During the time I was watching others sell, some went for just over $200, to just over $300, so mine was about in the middle, but as nice as any I had seen offered. If you'd like to have a look yourself at some recent sales, search for "Canon G5" and using advanced search options, look at "completed auctions". And watch some of the sales ending this week. Believe it or not, there's some company that has about a half dozen auctions for brand new G3s, and they're asking more than the price of a new G6, so you'll see the whole range on eBay.

Start yours with a very low price, like $0.99, set a reasonable reserve, and don't hose people on shipping. That will generate more interest and bids. Also, post a picture of each side of the camera, and show people in detail what they're bidding on. eBay now has a feature that automatically adds all the specs and details of the camera to your auction page, so all you've got to do is add the personal details about your camera. And, set your auction time to end at around the close of a business day on the East coast. That allows buyers to watch and bid while they're screwing off at work.

I've got a G6, an S410, and also an S2. You mentioned that you're replacing your G5 with an S2. I bought my "new" G5 to teach a good friend about photography. The move from G5 to S2 isn't necessarily an upgrade, it's more of a sideways move. The S2 has all those cool features and the big zoom, but the G5 will still produce a better image within its own range, and with a competent user behind it. I was worried about the purple-fringe problem I've seen in several reviews, but unless the aperture is nearly wide open in a high-contrast situation, I haven't seen it. The S2 is fun though, and a nice complement to my G6. The S2 is hard not to like.

Good luck with the auction, but don't give up the G5 if you can afford not to.


Lutz, FL
G6, S410, S2 (& the "new" G5)
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Hey Dean, That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Don
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