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I suppose it does come down to individual preference, and what each individual will (and won't) tolerate in a photo.

The image quality of the Sony H1 seems no better than that of the S2 based on the sample photos I've seen - though I haven't tried the Sony personally (and have no plans to).

I like my C-755. For now at least, in terms of image quality in this range of cameras, the C-755 image qualityis the standard by which I will judge others.
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I guess it's best to stick with what works. I haven't seen many spectacular S2 photos like I've seen with the Panasonic and the Olympus cameras, causing me to shy away from the Canon. I love the features, but, being a digital camera, the image is what is most important. The examples posted in this thread are disappointing, even the "good" ones.
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This was taken With an S2,lateJuly in Yellowstone National Park:

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this one was taken in Glacier National Park , early august:

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Old Dec 19, 2005, 9:03 PM   #45
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Well, here are some thoughts from a complete novice. I was scanning these forums to pick up some info about the Canon S2, as I was able to snag a brand new S2 for $400 shipped from a friend of a friend. I was in line on another deal for a Lumix FZ20, but I'm a Canon fanboy, and wanted the S2.

I've run across this thread, and it had me worried a bit at first. As I read this thread, I got increasingly concerned that I made the wrong choice, asIMHO, ALL of the S2 shots posted in this thread look like crap, except for the latest ones posted by montana500. Once again, let me say I am a novice when it comes to digital photography, but I do know what I see, and what I see is a complete lack of sharpness. This includes pics posted by EOS RT and swgod98.

However, as I'm seriously thinking I've made a mistake in my purchase, I quickly head over to dpreview.com, and check out the sample pics in the review. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those pics over there, and they are all sharp and focused, exactly what you would expect from a $450 camera. My advice? EOS RT, as you may have already guessed, there is something definitely wrong with your pics, but as a novice I couldn't tell you what. To swgod98, you're pictures look fine for a scrapbook, but even in my limited knowledge, your pics are far from what you should expect.

I should have my camera in just a couple of days, and hopefully I'll have better luck than you guys.

EDIT: Spelling errors.
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Old Dec 20, 2005, 1:33 PM   #46
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I'll also post my part. I own a Powershot S2 IS and I love this camera, understanding that no camera is perfect (not even a 7000USD dSLR is flawless). So, understanding that every camera has it's issues, it's important to learn to live with them and get some alternatives to get good pictures. Here are two pictures from my S2 IS last weekend. I'll post thumbnails with links to the picture to avoid too much traffic:

The first picture was taken in the afternoon with relatively low light conditions, the second one with sunlight, so here's the info (you can check EXIF data).

First picture: F/3.5, 1/6s, 58.5mm equiv. focal length don't remember if ISO 50 or 100
Second one: F/6.3, 1/1000s, 99mm equiv. focal length, ISO 50

Both were taken HANDHELD (no tripod or any other help).

The S2 has some issues with focus on aperture settings between F/2.7 and F/4, this is documented in many reviews, in low light conditions the depth of field is quite short (this is really a normal optics principle) and you have to be VERY careful to focus the right spot. On high light conditions, these apperture settings cause some chromatic abberation.

However, I have two shots that look really good, no coloring issues or hardly noticeable focusing issues (I can use some software sharpening if I like to).

These pictures are by far better than the one posted by EOS RT using the S2, I don't know if his camera is bad or if it has some strange settings. By the way, I NEVER use Auto mode, the most automatic mode I use is "P", so I'm sure white balance, exposure compensation and ISO settings are kept fixed where I want them, maybe the auto mode causes some trouble here but I really cannot tell as I never use it.

I also have some night shots using 5s exposure times and F/3.5 settings and they can also be taken sharply uing a tripod.

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i would like to share the following links:


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