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yeldarb Dec 26, 2005 11:27 AM

I just got a new Powershot SD550. The camera is great, but the matching Canon case PSC-50 is horrible.

First of all, a belt LOOP? Does Canon think people won't mind undoing their belt every time they want to move or remove the case? Almost as bad as the lack of a belt clip, the fact that it has no pocket for spare battery and/or SD card is a total failure. As I've never had a digital camera battery last all day, the ability to take a spare is an absolute necessity, the camera is useless with a drained battery.I suppose I was spoiled by my Minolta Dimage X and it's matching deluxe 'leather' case... very small, with a sturdy plastic belt clip (like a cell phone) and a small pocket for spare battery. Velcro-closure flap. This case worked very well. In fact I might try to buy Minolta's new version of this case and see if my Canon SD550 fits.

What other cases can people reccommend for the Canon SD550?

My personal feature list is
1) belt CLIP,
2) spare battery compartment,
3) covers the camera completely (no side holes for rain to get in,
4) velcro closure,
5) small size.


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