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I don't want to beat a dead horse but I'mhaving the same soft focus issues, has anyone contacted Canon orsent their camera in for repair/investigation?

I have had my S2 since September '05 and ithas been "okay" for a couple of months, nowI seem to get out-of-focus pictures every time I shoot a series of photos. Of course, most of my recent photos are indoors with natural lighting/no flash but adjusted for the shooting conditions (i.e. Christmas photos and basketball photos) but even beautifully-lit outdoor soccer photos are out of focus (I don't dare shoot action shots--just "point and shoot" style posed photos).

I've tried to search all comments on the S2 and I haven't seen anything other than, "I'm returning it."
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99 % of the people will tell you there are no problems with the camera. So WILL Canon.

Long Live " THE FOG EFFECT ".
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Is the lens clean?

Check out page 153 of the manual: Image is blurred or out of focus.

If desperate see page 81 - Resetting settings to their default values.

Could you post an image? Could you also post the middle out of image at full resolution - ie crop the middle 800x600 and post it. And could you list the EXIF info. And what mode was the camera in: Auto? What other settings have you changed (if any)?

If you can't post the image, then some EXIF info would be interesting.

Does it take good pictures in sunny conditions - or with the flash?

Take some test shots of printed pages in good and bad light. For example, stand several books on a table at various distances closer-than, spot-on, further-than the distance you normally shoot - take shots with/without good-light, with/without flash; see if the titles are clear at any point or none.
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