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Ok, I bought a S2 and I must say I am not all that happy with it. It is a nice camera but so not the big step up I thought I was getting from my current digital the Minolta S414. The zoom is the only thing that I see that is better. The flash is somewhat better but not what I expected. The snow mode is really nice but I could do the same with my old camera by adjusting the exposure. One thing I cannot figure out is how to get a good inside action shot. I have tried playing with the shutter speed but the pics are always too dark then, they stopped the action good without the blurring but are too dark. I used the flash when I did this, should I have tried without the flash and adjusting the shutter speeds? I have only had the camera three weeks so I am sure it will grow on me as I get to understand how to manipulate it more. It is winter here so I am limited to the kinds of pics I can take. I played with the macro a bit and wasn't impressed until I used the super macro. The normal macro would never focus properly. I purchased a wide angle lens cause I know with my old camera there were so many times I would of liked a wide view like I got with my 35mm SLR but the wide angle lens is pretty useless for indoor shots with this camera. You get a shadow from the lens on the bottom of the picture, had I known this I wouldn't of gotten the extra lens. What a waste. Ok, so can anyone tell me how to get a good indoor action shot and what about outdoor action, this camera seems to take longer to focus than my old camera sometimes. ALso what setting do you use for say sunsets, the landscape mode? I tried a sunrise once but just had it on P and it wouldn't focus.

Thanks for any help you can give me. Like I said, I am still learning. I do like the vivid color, my old camera had that too and the colors are so much nicer using that.
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hi there, this was an indoor shot that i took, still uploading the other photos of the party i went to...so sloow


the flash will make anything beyond 3-4m dark, so it can only be used within that range. if you want more light, i would suggest a slave flash. otherwise, without flash, longer exposure, higher appature and hope the subject doesnt move too much. You may wish to up the ISO to 100...200 will give you a bit more grain but still usable at 4x6 print (on the monitor is a different story)

when the photos finish uploading i will show you the photos from the party the other day

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This link will help you getting used to all the functions http://web.canon.jp/Imaging/pss2is/101-e.html
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http://www.dcresource.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=10 (see sticky S2 thread at top)
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Hi Dzyg,

You may have gone up in zoom but you went down in sensor size with more pixels crammed into the S2's sensor as well.It may be hard to match what you were getting from the Minolta.

Cheers Dom
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This is the page that started it all for me:


I highly recommend reading through all of the tips and tricks.

The settings are good baselines to start with.

Just spend some time with this page and the links on the page as well.

When I purchased my S2, Google led me to that site. Which in turn led me to dpreview.com which in turn led me to here.

Oh yeah, and get off of the P mode and AUTO mode when shooting. That is the biggest help.

Some of my best photographs shot with this camera are now shot in M mode if not in Av or Tv mode.
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